Ever Thought About How An Electrolysis Hair Removal Procedure Is Done?

Here Is How The Electrolysis Hair Removal Procedure Is Carried Out

Electrolysis is permanent hair removal. Regardless of the cause may it be heredity, metabolic, or hormonal conditions, electrolysis will permanently remove unwanted hair to reveal a glowing, confident you. It is effective for all skin types, hair types, skin colors, hair colors, and areas of the body and is carried out by a professional electrologist.

Medical electrolysis devices can destroy the hair growth cells with chemical energy, heat energy, or both. The method chosen by the electrologist is the modality. All are effective. There are three modalities in current use:

Galvanic electrolysis is a chemical process. The current produces a chemical reaction in the hair follicle eliminating the hair growth cells.

Thermolysis (also called short-wave) produces heat. This modality heats and destroys the hair growth cells in the follicle. A higher intensity current can be applied for less time in the follicle, or current can be used at lower intensity with longer timing.

The Blend method combines galvanic current with thermolysis current. Thermolysis heats up the chemical reaction in the follicle destroying hair growth cells.

Depending on your electrologists’ recommendations, one of the three modalities can be used as the treatment.

Electrolysis Hair Removal – It’s The Way To Go!

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